Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A Roller-Coaster ride

We left Tory at 08:00 with a fresh W wind and plenty of aerial water. The rain died away thankfully leaving showers for the rest of the day.

The wind was a moderate F4 when we started, plus spells of squalls where speed and excitement were raised. As we passed Horn Head, Melmore Point and Fanad Head the wind became more enthusiastic. It was generally a F5 from the West, so we had a reefed main and genoa. A gybe preventer (a rope that runs from the boom towards the bow and back to the cockpit in order to stop the boom swinging back across the boat) was essential as the swell was 'vigorous'. We noted that when the swell from the two competing directions combined we were heeling 30+ degrees one way and immediately 30 degrees the other way. This was not conducive to complex lunch arrangements.

Malin Head and Inishtrahull were left briskly behind as the wind reached F6 and the helpful tide gave us 9 kts on the GPS of which 6.6 was 'through the water speed' (For the uninitiated that is quite exciting on a small boat!)

Safely into Culdaff Bay on time for Martyn to assemble some of the remaining stores into a gourmet meal. Green lentils, red kidney beans, fresh ground nutmeg, with cous cous, accompanied by a fresh tomato salad (honey and mustard dressing), and washed down by a presumptuous little Chilean Merlot. Times are hard.

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