Thursday, 29 July 2010


Departure for Inishbofin was delayed by a search on Inishmore for some essential supplies. Bread and water were easy but diesel was trickier.

The pilot book said it might be available from the fishermen's co-operative. We asked where this was to be found. The first conversation was along the lines of:
"where would we find the co-op?"
"Oh it's a long way"
"How far?"
"Oh a long long way."
"Half a mile, or a mile?"
"Yes. Past the pub."

We met the most bleary-eyed and dishevilled pub landlord ever. As we walked in search of the co-op, he staggered out of his front door. We asked about diesel and the co-op, he looked thoughtful, repeated the words several times as though he was sure he had heard them somewhere before but couldn't quite focus on them. He fed the hens as he thought, then was rescued by Tom walking by. "Tom, can you help these lads?"

Shortly afterwards we saw a large tanker driving up the road -the size that delivers domestic oil. We flagged it down and had two 10 litre cans filled at the side of the road.

The late departure meant a late arrival at Inishbofin. But it was a great relief to be in after the malevolent seas around Slyne Head. We dropped anchor at 22:00 in the perfectly sheltered harbour after skimming in past Cromwell's Fort and Bishop's Rock.

A lazy start to Thursday definitely required.

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