Monday, 26 July 2010

Smerwick Harbour

Monday 05:30- ready to roll - but a visibility check sent us back (reluctantly of course) to our bunks. The latest sensible time to leave was 07:00, so a further check at 06:30 confirmed this was a day of rest. We really didn't want to be crossing the mouth of the Shannon without being able to see, or be seen by, the commercial shipping.

The jib was changed for the larger genoa, as we hope that some days of moderate winds are ahead. The waterline was scrubbed, a fraying rope whipped, routine engine maintenance completed, and tidal maps endlessly studied as part of the plan for the next leg. The tides are complicated around the mouth of the Shannon, so departure time needs to be right. Having toyed with an overnight passage the continued visibility problem forced a decision to wait for an 05:00 departure on Tuesday.

We contented ourselves with a sail around the open expanse of Smerwick Harbour, checking that the genoa did indeed increase our speed. The childish delight of the day was weighing anchor and re-anchoring across the bay under sail alone. Who needs a garden shed with fun like this to be had.

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