Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Small craft warning; sodden wetgear; human frailty; - all added up to staying in the secure mooring at Arklow.

As luck would have it, the Arklow festival is this week so a little music and Guinness may console us.

Martyn went exploring and met old-timers who had worked in Tyrrell's Boatyard where many famous yachts, including Gypsy Moth and Asgard, were built. The yard is sadly out of business.

Wexford looks as if it is off the itinerary. Our plan for today was met with incredulity by the local experts who regard the shoal entrance as best left to the locals.

So we wait for fair weather and tides to get round Carnsore Point and along to Kilmore and beyond. Delay again breeds impatience, but tides and wind are hard to argue with.

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