Monday, 19 July 2010

Two seasons

Everything they say about the fickle Irish weather was demonstrated today. The morning saw the sky low and blanketing with undifferentiated nimbostratus. The rain was almost incessant, but paused long enough from time to time to tempt the unwary into the open before punishing them wetly. But this evening there is some welcome blue sky and a glimpse of sunshine to lift the spirits.

More discussions with our old friend the harbourmaster confirmed that there was light at the end of this wet tunnel. Tuesday morning looks good for a westward passage and in our enthusiasm we thought of a 04:00 departure. He advised against it. The surprising reason was 'lobster pots'. There are so many off the coast here that it is best to have daylight in order to avoid them. There are 30,000 known to be laid between the Tuskar and Hook Head. Poor old lobsters. Not long for this part of the world.

A walk along the windswept beach, followed by the purchase of two further spare cans of diesel, seemed to fill the day remarkably.

The fishing boats are still tied up but there are signs that they too will be off early.

The rations designed for energetic sea passages are being consumed in harbour. Two very over-fed landlubbers will set sail tomorrow. With luck we will reach Crosshaven in the entrance to Cork Harbour. It would be tempting fate to own up to the optimistic plans beyond there.

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